Travel Day – 2 April 2016

April 2, 2016

Today I said Antío (goodbye) to Sifnos; before I left I took a walk to see my babies (lambs) to say goodbye and took a last walk on the beach. I’m seriously going to miss Platis Gialos and the island of Sifnos. What a great place to live!

I had a five hour ferry ride to the island of Santorini; we made three Port stops before arriving at Santorini – Folegandros, Sikinos and Ios. I took a ton of pics too. It was a beautiful warm day and I stayed up on the top deck the whole time because I didn’t want to miss any photo opportunities. I am not going to share them with this post because it is after 11pm and it takes hours to download the pics, plus I still have to weed through them to pick the best ones. I will say that seeing Santorini as we were coming in on the ferry was amazing! I can’t wait to show you the pics.

I am staying in a hotel for my last few nights here and first thing I did after checking in was to book a boat tour for tomorrow. I booked a semi-private boat tour with Santorini Sailing and I was able to receive an early booking discount. The owner of Santorini Sailing, Ted Stathis, was actually born in my home state of Connecticut! How crazy is that? He is super nice!

After getting my boat tour booked, I needed to get something to eat and actually Ted referred me to a restaurant that just opened on the island last month called FalafeLand. It is a vegetarian restaurant and it was very good. I met the owners George Binis and his cousin Georgina Vorre and also met their cook, Melodia. You can check out their pics and their menu below. What a great place they have and I wish them much success!

My next stop was the bakery; can I tell you, I LOVE the bakeries here! I took a pic of what I bought from here; chocolate mousse with chocolate cake in the middle – so good!!

Now I really need to get some sleep and I’m hoping to sleep real well after five hours out at sea today! Tomorrow will be another five hours out to sea too!! I can’t wait!! Be sure to check out Santorini Sailing’s website to see just what I’ll be experiencing and then I’ll post pics next week when I’m at the airport waiting for my flight (at least I’ll try; all depends how good the WiFi is and computer power).

KALINYCHTA (Goodnight)

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