March 31, 2016

March 31, 2016

Platis Gialos BeachI just got back from lying on the beach and I ended up falling asleep, which I was not expecting to do. The sun felt wonderful and it was nice to lie down and chill.

Today is my last full day here on Sifnos; tomorrow I take the ferry back to Santorini where I will be flying to Athens from next week and then back to the States. On the beach, I was wishing I could just get lost here so I don’t have to go back but that’s not reality. It’s hard thinking about going back after you’ve lived on the islands for three months and then you don’t have a home to return to. It’s ironic, the place I can afford to live, I can’t stay and the place I can’t afford to live, I have to go back to — sad.

On Wednesday, while I was in Apollonia purchasing my ferry ticket, I spoke to a Real Estate Agent who is going to help me find an apartment to rent here once I get my income to where the Greek government says I need it to get a Visa to live here. I also spoke to an Accountant about any taxes I would need to pay the Greek government on my income I make while living here. I also gathered a lot of other necessary information for what I will need to move here. It was very encouraging gathering information about living on Sifnos from the two women I spoke with.

I had done some research back in Charlotte and also in the last couple of weeks on portable jobs, which makes it easier for someone to move to another country (or anywhere) as you can just take your job with you. I know all the countries I had researched when looking for a place to live outside of the United States, have laws where a foreigner cannot take a job if a local can do that same job, making it tougher to find work. Anyway, I have been doing some research on companies that have jobs that you can work from home and I have two companies that I will be applying to when I return next week. Through the research I have done on portable jobs, it is said to expect it to take at least a year to get established, which is why I am giving myself 12-18 months before moving wherever it is that God wants me —just hoping it’s here.

Meanwhile in Santorini this next week, I am looking for a boat tour to go on as it is a great way to see the volcano and other parts of the island. It looks like there are a few that are running at this time of year; I’m still researching which will be the best one for me to experience. I will also be exploring the Village I will be staying in as I had not visited there while on Santorini in January. I will only have two full days to explore and have fun before I leave, so I won’t be able to do too much.

I’m sure I will have many pics from my ferry trip to Santorini tomorrow being that it will be during the day and not at night like when I took it to come to Sifnos. I’m looking forward to seeing the other islands that are along the way and the ones we will be stopping at, though, I won’t be able to get off at any of them to explore.

Here are a few sunrise pics I took on Wednesday, March 30th from Platis Gialos Beach and also the vase & cup that I made with Alexandros on March 15th.  The cup Alexandros helped me with and the vase he made to demonstrate how to make one.  I decorated them both, they are a gift for someone back home.  I love how they turned out!

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