March 25, 2016

IMG_362325 March 2016

I am sitting in one of my favorite places up on the mountain. On my way up I was thinking how I have gotten use to sharing the footpaths/trails with the sheep, goats & donkeys. On this footpath, I have only encountered two vehicles driving up this mountain. I have taken pictures of the many plants, bushes, trees & flowers that I have seen on all my walks & hikes so that I can remember them when I am walking back in Charlotte or wherever I land in the States as I seriously do not have a place to lay my head when I return.

I had a really great talk with God today and He revealed a few things to me in helping me with my inner bonding. The Inner Bonding Steps are really working too. Today was the best dialogue with my inner/wounded child that I’ve had all week; I really felt like I connected with her and am beginning to understand her, which will help me in knowing how to love her. I was greatly encouraged today with this as yesterday I had a horrible time sitting in my pain and trying to identify it.

At one point today while I was hiking back, I stopped to sit on a rock and just watched the clouds; something I haven’t done in quite a while and its something I really enjoy doing. The picture above is when I was still about 25 minutes from getting back to my apartment and was wondering if I would make it before it started raining; it rained for two seconds and thats it. I was prepared as I had brought my raincoat with me because the weather forecast had predicted 60% chance of rain starting at 1:00 and I’m so grateful it didn’t so that I could stay up on the mountain longer.  I had left for my hike at 11:00 and didn’t return until 5:00; I really enjoy my hikes here.

After I talked with God and ate my lunch at one of my favorite places on the mountain, I had the urge to keep walking further on the foot path to see some views I had seen the first time I hiked it. I only have one more week here on Sifnos and then I leave to go back to Charlotte on 6 April. I can’t believe how fast this three months went; in some ways it’s gone by fast and in another way, I feel like I’ve been here so much longer. I asked God today to imprint certain things on my heart that I will need when I go back to Charlotte. I know, and am preparing, for the culture shock I will experience coming back. It’s been SO wonderful living here on the island of Sifnos with less than three thousand people.

I definitely would choose living on this island rather than Santorini because Sifnos is more traditional living whereas, Santorini is more of a vacation island and is more built up then Sifnos. Sifnos is more mountainous and the villages are more spread out than Santorini. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked Santorini, but to visit, not to live.

Sifnos also has the foot paths, where you can walk from one village to another, which is one reason I chose coming here. Honestly though, here and on Santorini, the best way to explore is by foot or bike not by car. When I was using the car to get around on both of the islands, I couldn’t always find what I was looking for and then when I was walking, that’s when I found what I was looking for when I was searching using the car. So, if you are planning to come to the Greek Islands, you definitely want to be prepared to do some walking as you explore the different villages.

What I am going to miss leaving here is the sheep, my baby lambs, the goats, drinking fresh goats milk, fresh eggs, meat and fish and Mosca’s krema, which is made from goats milk(its similar to pudding). Oh and her cookies that she makes too. Plus I am going to miss Mosca’s company; I love my visits with her and she has been a great help in teaching me the Greek language. I will miss walking across the street to the beach where I love to just sit and meditate. I’ve also brought my computer with me once or twice to do some writing there. I will also miss my favorite places to just sit and be with God; I will miss hiking up the mountain and seeing all the beautiful flowers on the paths. I will miss hanging my clothes out to dry too as they do not have dryers here. Oh and filling bottles with fresh spring water; I didn’t have to buy any bottled water here on Sifnos! I will also really miss my studio apartment here, where I have a view of the sea out the front and the mountain view in the back. Mostly I will miss the simplicity way of life here. I really pray that I will be back either to visit or to live, whichever is part of God’s future plan for me.

I am not even sure where I will be living when I get back to Charlotte as my housing plans have fallen through and all the transitional housing places that someone gave me to check out; I am not qualified for. I’m really needing some help with this as everything and places I have looked into have not worked out. I would like to stay in North Carolina and have looked at different towns because the job I am going to apply for when I get back is if you live in NC, though I am open to moving somewhere other than NC. I am on housing lists in Charlotte, Charleston, SC and San Diego, CA. If any of you reading this can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Just let me know in the comments and I can email you.

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