February 27, 2016

February 27, 2016

Sign pointing to the church

I went on another hike today, this time towards Apollonia, which is the Capital of Sifnos. Next week I will hike all the way to Apollonia, but today I was not looking to do that, I just wanted to check out the trail.

It was another beautiful day and I first hiked to a church that was off the trail that I wanted to see. On the way back to the trail from the church, I saw a little lizard and you can’t tell from the picture but it’s the color of the sea. It was beautiful! I’ve never seen a lizard that color before. It was quite the ham too, as it let me get a good close-up of it.

Hiking today, I was really thinking of my son, Troy, and wishing he was hiking with me, he would love it. At points on my hikes, I seem to get a bit emotional because of the beauty that I am seeing all around me. I can’t help being in awe of it. I am also listening to my Christian music, so I’m sure that helps it too. I am actually adding a new song called Brave by Moriah Peters to the Songs page that I really enjoyed listening to today.  I just love seeing all that God has created here. I know I won’t ever forget my time exploring here; it is being engraved upon my heart and I will be able to bring it up whenever I need it when I’m back home again.

Tomorrow the plan is to sit on the beach and chill; we’ll see if that happens or not. Enjoy today’s hiking pics!

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