Creating Some Pottery in Platis Gialos

March 18, 2016

As I researched the island of Sifnos, I learned that it is known for its pottery, so I knew coming that I would make sure to visit the pottery shops on the island. I have been to a couple and the prices were out of my range and then I visited the pottery shop down the road here in the Village of Platis Gialos and found this shop to be much more affordable. I enquired about where I could go to be able to try making something myself and they said I could make something there in their shop and at no cost. I was very excited and this past Tuesday went to attempt to make a vase on the Potter’s wheel. Alexandros Lemonis, who is the Potter and owner, demonstrated how to make a vase first and you can see the video below.

After watching Alexandros, I tried. I guess I picked something pretty hard for a beginner as it is hard to bring the clay up to the size of a vase. Plus, I was making the wheel go faster than my hands could go as you will hear on the video of me attempting to make a vase. Though, I did not accomplish creating my own vase, mine turned out to be a cup, I had a lot of fun trying. I am so grateful to Alexandros and his wife, Maria, for their patience and their time in allowing me to try my hand at making a piece of pottery. I went back on Wednesday to decorate my cup and vase and I won’t see the finished product until 25 March as they have to be placed in the oven two times before they are done.

If ever you come to the island of Sifnos, definitely ask if you can try making something yourself because you never know if you can unless you ask and try. I was able to buy my children and a couple of friends some pieces from Alexandros and Maria. Here is their website so that if you want to look at what they have and maybe even buy something for yourself or as a gift for someone you can. If you get to their website and it won’t translate it; go to Google and manually type in www.sifnosceramics and find their website where you can translate it; this is what I had to do.

Below are some pictures I took of Alexandros dipping these bowls into what he calls the “glass”, which is what actually gives it color. There are also a couple of pictures of the oven he uses and a before they go in the oven pic and an after they’ve been in the oven picture. I also asked for a picture of the artists, the Potter and his wife, who decorates a lot of the pieces – Alexandros and Maria Lemonis.


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