…and life goes on…

April 16, 2016

I am back in Charlotte, NC now and as the airplane landed, I placed my hand in God’s and asked Him to lead me because I had no idea where I was going to lay my head that night. He did lead me and not to a hotel or renting a car as was my plan, but to my church that just happened to be meeting at a hotel close to the airport, where one of the single women offered me a place to stay for a week. Again, God’s plan is very different then my plan and I’m so grateful. When I place my hand in His and go where He leads me, there is only peace.

It has been quite a whirlwind this last week with needing to find housing and reestablishing some professional connections and doctor appointments, which is why I have not done a post in a while. I have found housing until the first of May with two different people from my church; please pray that I can find someone to stay with on the bus line for short or longterm, though preferably longterm. Also, please pray for the jobs I have applied for this week that I may hear back from them quickly. Thank you!

I really miss being on the island of Sifnos – my apartment, Mosca, the sea, the mountains, my hikes, the sheep, goats, the food and the simplicity of life that comes from living there. This morning I took a trip back to the sea and the mountains through the videos I made, for which I am so grateful to have.

and life goes on…

I have learned these last three months to really look at my surroundings and when I do, I’m able to see things that I normally would have just passed by. I’ve learned to be in the moment because then I am able to realize how much beauty is around me, no matter how small, brings me much more joy than the bigger things I see.

Springtime is one of my favorite times of year as nature awakens from winter and the leaves of the trees are so green and the flowers are beginning to bloom. While I was walking back to the place I am staying this week, I decided to take some pictures of what I am seeing as I walk around Charlotte. I hope you enjoy them.

Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States of America!

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