Afternoon of Sailing & Exploring Oia

April 4, 2016

What a fun weekend I’ve had with sailing yesterday and exploring Oia today. I am exhausted too, which is why I am just going to post some pics from sailing tonight & Oia tomorrow night as it takes me hours to go through the pics, write what the pics are of and then upload them to the blog. I will have lots of time tomorrow night to do all that and hopefully the WiFi will be good at the airport to upload them to my blog.

Sailing yesterday was awesome! I have never been sailing and thankfully had no motion sickness issues. I booked a semi-private boat tour with Santorini Sailing and there was only three of us on this tour, myself and a couple and this is what we experienced on our tour:

The tour started from the South side of the island from Vlichada Marina and cruised by the picturesque Red & White beaches. We sailed past the Indian Head Mountain, the Old Venetian Lighthouse and then sailed into the Caldera, towards the Volcanic Islands. We visited the Hot (warm) Springs and then anchored in a quiet bay to swim, which Ana & I did but her boyfriend didn’t want to. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea was one thing I wanted to do before going back to the States and what a great way to do it too. We then enjoyed a delicious, seafood & steak BBQ lunch, which is freshly prepared on board. Beer, wine and soft drinks are also included. After we ate, we sailed around for a couple of hours and I took a nap as you’ll see from the pics. The crew, Periklis, who gave us the history on our tour & Rezo, who cooked our meal, were awesome! The couple that were on the tour spoke English; he was from New York, but lives in Israel and she is Greek but speaks English very well. We all had a great time and we really didn’t want it to end.

Today, I decided to explore Oia because when I was here in January, I was unable to because it was off-season. I was able to be a tourist here with shopping and more shopping, that’s pretty much what there is in Oia plus a lot of cafe’s and restaurants. There is also Amoudi Bay, which I drove to when I was here in January or you can take the 300 stairs down, which I did because I wanted to go have some fresh seafood at Ammoudi Fish Tavern that was recommended by one of the locals. I had the Variety Fish plate, which is, jumbo shrimp, Sea Bream (new one for me and it was good), squid, octopus (had wanted to have this while I was here and it was good, same consistency as squid} and potatoes and veggies with a glass of Santorini white wine. Then I walked up those 300 stairs; much harder than going down them and later I treated myself to a piece of my favorite chocolate cake from one of the bakeries in Oia.

All-in-all it was a great day and I’m very tired. Tomorrow, I will drop off my laundry to be done and then do some more exploring in Fira before heading back to the hotel to pack and take a nap before leaving for the airport and starting my trip back to North Carolina. I do have to say as I am out exploring the last couple of days, I have met a lot of people from the States & met one couple today from Canada. I was able to give them some tips and places to see while they are here.

It is all going to hit me when I get to the airport that I really am leaving here. I have been so busy doing things and seeing places I want to see before I go that I haven’t really focused on it too much but I know it will hit me and I will deal with it then. I already know that there will be some culture shock to deal with. I’m beyond thankful for having this chance to experience life on the Greek Islands. Last night walking around Fira, one of the restaurant owners was talking to me and she complemented me on how well I spoke Greek, which was super encouraging as I feel I don’t speak it so well.

So, I need to get you some pics to see and then I need to get some sleep. It has been really great doing this blog on my trip here to Santorini and Sifnos and I will make sure to post when I get back to Charlotte, North Carolina to let you know how I am adjusting be back in the States. I hope I have helped you to experience some of the island life and given you places to visit if you are able to come.

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