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Long Sands Beach, York Beach, ME

Long Sands Beach, York Beach, ME

I am a single 49 year old empty nester with a 24 year old daughter and 22 year old son.

For the last three years I have been living in Charlotte, NC and lived in ME/NH for 18 1/2 years prior to this.

My favorite activities are working out, walking on the beach, kayaking, music, hanging out with friends and just recently started writing again after a long writer’s block.

My trip to Greece is a great time to start a blog as it will be a central place for my family and friends to stay in touch and share my travels with me. Plus, I’m looking to start a career in blogging, so this will be a great start for me.

A brief background on where I’m coming from before starting this new journey. Since living in Charlotte, I have been seeking employment, first on my own and the last year with the help of Vocational Rehabilitation as I am disabled. Due to my health and being out of work so long, I have not found employment. I was unable to pay my full rent and in November of 2014 found myself facing homelessness. I was referred to the YWCA, Women in Transition (WIT) program, transitional housing for homeless women. It is an eighteen month program helping homeless women find affordable housing. I was accepted into the program and lived there until leaving for Greece. There are 66 women in the program, 22 women on each floor and we share a bathroom, kitchen and laundry machines.

This last year, due to health issues (meds not working), I had many trials and I seemed to have stopped living. In October, after starting a new med, I started seeing things clearly again and remembered what was most important in this life and that is my relationship with God. I had stopped living for Him and truly was just not living. When I realized how I was letting others control how I lived, I immediately knew I had to turn this around. I knew I could not live at the YWCA anymore, as it was bringing me further down, so I started looking in other states near the coast as I love the beach. My problem with wanting to live at the coast is that I can’t afford it so that’s when I decided to look in other countries and islands (I’ve always wanted to live on an island). I started with Greece and Italy, two places I’ve always wanted to visit but with Greece’s economy the way it is, I looked elsewhere and Italy was too expensive. After much research of many countries, my heart led me back to the Greek Islands. Most likely because I have fantasized about being there when I researched it many years ago for a story I was wanting to write. I believe with all my heart that there is something I need to experience on the islands I am going to. I am looking forward to immersing myself into the Greek culture and getting to know the people living in the villages I will be living in and visiting. I love exploring and am so excited that I get this chance.

How am I getting this chance, you ask? I cashed in my life insurance policy in September to buy a car (mine died a couple weeks before moving into the YWCA) and I was having a hard time finding one, so instead I’m using it to write a new chapter of my life because I am the only one that can end one chapter and begin a new one. One of the things I have learned this last year and that has motivated me to take this journey, is to be who I want to be, not what others think I should be. I am responsible for how I live and who I am and I can’t wait to grow and learn on this new journey I’m about to embark on. I refuse to let my fears keep me from living!

I’m really excited to blog my Greece adventure with you!


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